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Around 25 browsers view every single day with around 3.15 pages surfed by each person on average as of May, 2017 [1].

Majority of people have done no college, college/higher education & doctorate degrees, hopefully primarily female, making roughly 60k - 100k, 100k+ & 10k - 30k while viewing from home, school/college & cafe.

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$0.75 per day could be made from and can be acquired for $273 [3]. It is 5 years 7 months 23 days old blog.

However, occasionally browsers may cause a fault and log onto qyazwarn, wyazwarn and shazwarn in place due to very akin URL spellings. Blog Profile

Writer seems to be posting too little as displayed by his liveliness level of 1.41 posts/year, thus writer sounds to be not much interested in blogging.

URL syazwarn
Blog Age 5 years 7 months 23 days
Total Blog Posts 8
Blog Start Date March 26, 2011, 1:50 am
Post Frequency/Year 1.41's Posts

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Monthly Visitors 752
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Avg. Time on Site 03:53 minutes
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Country Monthly Visitors Monthly Pageviews Per Capita Income
United States 153 483 $55.8k
Viet Nam 26 82 $2.1k
Japan 24 77 $32.5k
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Russian Federation 21 69 $9.1k
Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) 20 65 $4.9k
Germany 15 48 $41.0k Keyword Map

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syazwan $1.01 276
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Ethnic Group

Surfer spectrum of chiefly encompasses of Middle Eastern people who is a territory got to with some eminent countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran & Qatar, contributing (26% or about 195 visitors) during May, 2017, along with fair share of Ethnic groups like Caucasian (18%, about 135 visits) and African (16%, roughly 120 people).

Ethnic Groups Potential Percentage Expected Visitors
African 16% 120
African American 3% 22
Asian 7% 52
Caucasian 18% 135
Hispanic 13% 97
Middle Eastern 26% 195

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